Jim Goad: Getting the Alt-Right Wrong (Taki’s Magazine)

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Jim Goad zeroes in on the hypocrisy of Establishment witch-hunters like The New York Times, The Guardian, and Salon who will brand anyone who dares blaspheme the sacred religion of equality as “pseudo-academics”. Never will they actually source any scientific or academic resource to backup their claims, possibly because it opens to the door to the ultimate scientific conclusion that races are real, and they have demonstrable variations.

And on this, we are on the same page:

I’ve always tried to make it bleedingly clear that I’m a lone wolf who does not, will not, and probably cannot identify with any social movements. I never presume to speak for anyone but myself. But my ideological Venn diagram overlaps with the Alt-Right in the sense that we agree equality is the most dangerous Big Lie of all.

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