Thank You All!

The Satanic American Flag

Following the example set forth by our President Elect, rather than diving right into gloating (no worries, that’s coming), we at The Satanic American are going to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported us in our truly occult campaign over this election cycle.

Ever since we kicked into overdrive we’ve been contacted by MANY Satanists, occultists, and travelers of the Left-Hand Path who span the socioeconomic and ethnic spectrum of this great nation. Many of these individuals, including several of our contributors, were never politically engaged before. But something changed. At one point or another, someone else was telling them what their own self-interests should be. Either by the mainstream media, by friends and associates, or total strangers who solipsistically projected their own fears on to others. And this awoke a sleeping Leviathan, and here at The Satanic American we channeled it into an Is-To-Be that we were told was impossible.

We’d love to thank each of you by name, but there are so many and this battle is not yet over. OPSEC procedures will continue to be in place. You know who you are, our legion that will not be silenced. And special thanks to all of you who provided photos of your MAGA gear, who provided us the dankest memes, and helped spread our message of sovereignty, stratification, and Lex Talionis. And thank you to old forgotten friends who we encountered in the shadows… reminding us never to be discouraged and to have a laugh. Maybe one day it’ll be known how far and wide our influence has been.

But we have a long road ahead. Contrary to what some detractors think, we will not be a cult of personality. Trump has summoned us, and we will hold him accountable. Reports are coming in about violent uprisings and more will be expected. Do not forget who you are, how dangerous you can be. We have only yet begun to MAGA! Hail Satan!

  • John

    You are a moron… Satan is a pathetic lezbo. She already lost. The Whore of Babylon is defeated. You worship a both a loser and a moron because you are a left handed path idiot. Stupid is as stupid does. Enjoy hell’s eternal suffering in the dark shadow of God’s Glory!