Trump Violate Logan Act? Harvard Professor Says No

The Logan Act

Anyone who watched his press conference and read his follow-up press releases can clearly see Trump first posits that Russian may already have Clinton’s e-mails. So he jokes that maybe, within this already compromised data-set, they might be able to find the 30,000 e-mails Clinton deleted. Which really shouldn’t be a big deal since Clinton said it’s only a bunch of recipes and her yoga schedules. That is, unless Trump got her supporters to admit her deleted e-mails are a national security issue [Federalist]. And now several paid DNC staffers are telling us he may have violated the Logan Act. In a real act of treason, Clinton supporter and Harvard Law professor Akhil Amar disagrees:

But others, including Clinton backers, aren’t convinced. Trump’s comments may have been ill-advised, says Akhil Amar, a constitutional law professor at Yale, but they weren’t criminal. He cites the notion that the Logan Act infringes upon the First Amendment. “Many constitutional scholars think there are are some serious First Amendment issues in effect with the Logan Act.”